Our Process

Building a custom home is an experience that allows you, the homeowner, to actively participate in the creative design and building process. Whether you want to totally renovate your existing home or build a new home from the foundation up, the Staats Developers staff is dedicated to working closely with your and your architect, civil engineer, kitchen and bath designers and other craftsmen to make the building process one that meets your vision, goals, needs and budget.


Most people dream about building a custom home or making their existing home over to be exactly how they want it. To help us make your dream come true in a cost effective way, it is a good idea for you to do some research on your own until you have a fairly clear idea of what you want to do.

Many people, who want to extensively renovate or build a custom home from the ground up, begin by reviewing books and magazines that have sample floor plans and exterior elevations. This will help you analyze how big or small you want your home to be, what type and style of house you want (ranch, colonial, split-level, cottage, contemporary, etc.) and what kinds of materials and features you want to fit your needs and budget.

Sample floor plans, exterior elevations and interior design options can be found in books and home improvement magazines sold in book stores, home building supply outlets, news stands and even in grocery and drug stores. An internet search can also help you locate other sources of information, including ideas for selecting bath and kitchen plumbing fixtures, flooring, kitchen and laundry appliances, lighting, roofing, interior trim, paint and many other features you may want to consider for your building project.

The clearer your vision and the more advance work you do before you ask an architect to build or renovate your home, the better prepared you will be to work with Staats Developers to make your dream come true at a price you can afford.


If you own a piece of undeveloped land and want to build a custom home, Staats Developers can assist you in finding a civil engineer to investigate building permit requirements and develop a site plan. If you are searching for a piece of undeveloped land or a piece of property that has an existing home on it that can be torn down to make way for your new Staats custom home, we can put you in touch with a realtor to help you find the perfect piece of property in a neighborhood you like.


If you are planning an extensive renovation of an existing home or designing your own home, Staats Developers can work with an architect you have selected or help you identify a draftsman, architect or structural engineer to meet your schedule and budget. Depending upon the architect and the scope of your renovation or new construction project, it generally can take 3 to 6 months or longer for an architect to complete concept and final construction documents.


You will need a civil engineer to work with your architect to make sure the home you are designing conforms to land development zoning and construction codes regulated by town, county and state governments. For example, if your renovation involves enlarging the size of the "footprint" (configuration and percentage of land that is occupied by your existing home, garage and other structures on your property) there are certain permit issues involving land coverage and boundary set backs that will limit what you can do. The civil engineer will prepare a site plan that maps out and explains to the town or county government where your new home (or extension of your existing home) will be situated and how the new construction will impact on land use.

Staats Developers can work with a civil engineer you have chosen or help you identify a civil engineer to work with your architect. A site plan can take 2-4 months or longer to create depending upon the scope of work of your building project and government regulations which apply. Generally, the architect and civil engineer are working at the same time to make sure all relevant land use and construction codes are being met so the architect drawings and site plan will be approved by government agencies.


The permit process, which begins after the architect has completed final construction plans and the civil engineer has completed the final site plan, involves obtaining approval to begin construction from the town and/or county government. Staats Developers works with architects and contracts with peer reviewers to expedite the permit process. If zoning changes, special use permits or historic district reviews are involved, the government permit process can take much longer than the customary 30-60 days (in northern Virginia).


While the architect and civil engineer are working on your construction plans, it is a good idea to be making final selections for exterior and interior materials and special features in your home. Staats Developers can work with you and your architect to keep the cost of your major renovation or new custom home within your budget. You and your architect are in control of costs because the design, materials and special features you select will directly impact on the final cost of your home.

The experienced staff of Staats Developers understands material and construction costs. We work with skilled craftsmen and suppliers in the building trade and can help you match your choices and budget to the selection of vendors and materials in order to control costs without sacrificing quality.

Staats Developers will work with you to develop a budget and construction contract with estimated time for completion based on the final architectural plans and your material selections. We can adjust the budget higher or lower during the construction process if you want to reduce or expand the scope of work. However, if costs are a concern it is essential for you to make final selections on materials and features before construction begins and make only a few minor changes during construction, if necessary.

Staats Developers provides a totally transparent billing process. A negotiated Customer-approved percentage profit margin is placed on the total estimated budgeted cost of the job. Homeowners are provided with bi-weekly invoices that include all invoices and receipts from subcontractors and suppliers. Payment of invoices to Staats and major subcontractors is required within 30 days.


Once the architectural plans and the site plan is completed and all permits are obtained, the renovation or new construction is ready to begin. An experienced Staats Developers superintendent will be assigned to your building project to manage the entire construction process for you, from supervising demolition to pouring the new foundation to framing, roofing, installation of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, dry wall and interior trim, painting, landscaping and everything it takes to complete your major renovation or make your new custom home be everything you want it to be.

Your Staats superintendent and office staff will work with you to make any outstanding material selections that you have not made prior to construction, such as brand name lighting or plumbing fixtures, kitchen appliances or custom cabinets and trim.


Staats Developers is committed to building quality custom home or renovating your existing home on schedule and at a price you can afford. Material and subcontractor work is guaranteed under supplier warranties and spelled out in a Staats building contract. We are proud of our work and stand by it.

We have many satisfied customers who can testify that we met or exceeded their expectations. Our goal is to make your dream of extensively renovating or building your home come true.